Four Good Reasons to Own a Milwaukee Heated Jacket

Milwaukee Heated JacketWinter in upstate New York is no easy. Going to work often means piling on layers of clothing. Commuting in the bitter cold or doing outdoor activities often can feel like an almost impossible task. There has been a real game changer thanks to advances in outerwear technology.

Milwaukee heated jackets give you the warmth you need when winter hits with a look that can be worn anywhere. Here is a list of just some of the reasons to wear heated jackets this winter.

No More Bulk

Around this neck of the woods, winter can last a long time so it is no surprise that this is the season you see a lot of trendy clothing. Often when you are going to be outdoor for any length of time you need to wear layers of clothing to stay warm. With a heated winter jacket, you can ditch those bulky layers and let the battery-powered heating technology do the work for you.

Weather Forecast, Who Needs It?

When you have on our Milwaukee camo heated jacket you know you will be warm working in the elements all day (or all night). You’ll love it if you’re a fisherman who likes to be on the open water of Lake Ontario or fishing the beautiful Salmon River. And if you’re out camping or hiking in the late fall or early spring, there’s nothing like staying nice and warm and comfortable while you’re sitting around the campfire cooking a delicious meal after a long day in the woods.

Milwaukee heated jackets come with multiple warming zones in different parts of the coat like chest, back and other areas. Battery-heated coats offer three temperature settings so you can customize your warmth to suit the changing weather.

Stay on Trend

Milwaukee 23341 JacketUntil now it has been almost impossible to look good and stay warm in the winter months. The coats are designed with a variety of men’s and women’s jackets to be fashionable that you will probably wear them even when you don’t need the heated technology turned on.

Stay Connected

Milwaukee Heated jackets are mostly praised for their warming technology, but they come with several other state-of-the-art features, too. The battery-heated jackets include a 7.4-Volt USB output for charging portable devices, allowing you to stay connected even in the harshest winter conditions.

There’s simply no better way to maintain or increase your body’s heat when old man winter shows up.