BUILDING A DECK. So you want to add a deck to your house. I’m sure you have visions of relaxing in a hammock, BBQ parties with friends, or relaxing at a patio table with the family not to mention it is a great way extending your outdoor living area. These thoughts are in almost everyone’s mind when they want to build a new deck, but there are some important things to take into consideration before you start building. Remember a large deck will mean large amount of time for up keep, a small deck might not work if you want plenty of room for friendly get together. Following these easy guides will ensure you have the size and type of deck you will enjoy for many years.

Wood Deck vs. Composite Deck Materials

When you look at building a deck or patio, you need to consider the type of material you want to use. There are several different levels of pricing starting with chemically pressure treated boards like pine, and moving up to hardwoods like kwila and wood composite decking boards which are a further up the price spectrum. The pros and cons of these materials are just as important to consider.

For thrifty-minded homeowners, wood is a cost effective material but there is more upkeep from deck washing and staining/sealing. Composite deck materials cost considerable more but the yearly maintenance is much less. You will not have to stain it, paint it, or even do much more than wash it off with the hose when necessary.

In order to make a cost-effective decision it is important to consider which material best fits within your budget and lifestyle and how much up-keep your willing to put into keeping your deck looking good.

Building a Deck: Deck Design Considerations

The days of your deck consisting of just a few parallel wood panels set up in a rectangle or square shape are gone. When you get a custom deck from Secor Lumber in Savannah, NY, our deck designers will discuss placement like near the kitchen, family/living area, or both, and the size and shape of deck you decide to build depends a lot on the available space you have. Take a look at the spot where you think it would fit best and consider things like:

  • How visible is it from passing motorists or neighbors
  • The view from inside your home out to the deck
  • Wind and sun exposure during the times when you are most likely to be out on the deck
  • Available space for doors, furniture, plumbing, and anything else you plan to add to the deck

DIY: Building a Deck Yourself

When it comes to choosing to building a deck, it all starts with asking yourself, do I do it myself or hiring the right professionals for the job. This is a big investment you are making for your home. It pays to hire the right professionals like those at Secor Lumber to do the work. You will not have to worry about long-term risks, liability concerns, or a poorly constructed deck.

When it is done right, the investment in a new deck adds plenty to your home. It also is a safe space that you can use for any need. Take your time to plan and execute this project properly so you can spend all summer showing it off to your friends and neighbors.

Whether you build your outdoor living space to increase your property value, or you just want a space where you can build lasting memories. One of the best ways to measure the true value of a new deck is assessing the value it adds to your life and sense of well being.