Perma-Columns Pre-Cast Post Bases

The Perma-Column Advantage

Whether you are looking to do a post-frame construction project or maybe adding an extension to your home or building a new deck, the one issue you could face is decaying of wooden posts buried into the ground. Perma-column is the permanent foundation system that is designed to last. Wood in the ground will rot over time even if it is treated lumber but Perma-column won’t.

Perma-columns are a precast concrete system that are a great alternative to the standard method of posts. They preserve treated wood and keep the structural integrity of your building’s foundation. They are a simple and effective construction method that is an affordable concrete foundation with no cure time or mess. Perma-columns are constructed in a way they your wooden post are never in the ground where over time they could rot, and the metal brackets securely holds your supports in place for years to come.

Perma-column for building construction
Perma-column support system

Why You Should Use Perma-Columns

Perma-columns are poured in a controlled environment that uses the latest in pre-cast technology. Certain additive are worked into the concrete to give it added strength, density and help avoid corrosion and give it freeze-thaw-resistance. Concrete is a proven material for any foundation construction and has been for centuries.

When you have any building needing that you want to last without worry of structural issues down the road then Perma-columns are a superior choice. They offer several advantages:

  • Three times stronger than standard concrete
  • Retains the efficiency of post frame construction
  • Structural integrity at an affordable rate
  • Reinforced with steel brackets
  • No mess or concrete cure time
  • No preservative-treated wood

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