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29 08, 2016

Zip System Wall Sheathing Tape

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This is a one-of-a-kind structural roof and wall system with a built-in energy-efficient barrier that keeps moisture out and reduces air leakage. It installs in only two easy steps. First, install the panels, and second, tape the seams. Fewer steps result in 40% faster installation when compared to traditional housewrap and felt.

The ZIP System Sheathing is designed specifically to address the growing need for building performance, comfort and energy efficiency and is the only all-in-one solution that delivers the strength, durability and efficiency of engineered wood while sealing out air and water.

 Key Features and Components of ZIP System® Sheathing and Tape

  1. High quality structural sheathing panel made of engineered wood delivers strength and durability.
  2. Built-in vapor permeable water-resistive barrier eliminates the hassles of house wrap and felt. Engineered for enhanced drainage of bulk water and optimal permeability to allow water vapor to pass through and promote drying.
  3. A continuous, rigid air barrier decreases unwanted air leakage for greater energy efficiency.
  4. ZIP System™ tape with a specially engineered, high performance acrylic adhesive bonds with ZIP System® panels for a permanent protective seal.

14 10, 2015

Pole Barns: Post Frame Building Advantages

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Much of the time post frame buildings (pole barns) are overlooked as an option because people don’t realize all the options available to them. You can choose from vinyl, steel, wood, cement board, press board fiber strand are options for exterior siding on a post frame building. They can be made for two story homes, farm buildings with lofts, open hay barns, pavilions, garages, equipment storage buildings and many other pole barn construction projects.

Another advantage to post frame building is the versatility of the building when it comes to the plot of land. A post frame building can be built on uneven ground with less expense than traditional building techniques because a post frame building does not need a foundation. When it comes to post frame buildings, lets look and some of the thing you need to consider.

Pole Barn Construction Affordability

In any building project, cost is always a major consideration. Pole barn construction options in upstate New York are virtually endless. One of the advantages of pole barn construction is that they go up more quickly than conventional construction methods. They require less material for building which translates into lower building cost for you.

One thing to think about is the materials you choose to use can change the price. For example if opt to go with more steel, brick or cement you it will increase the price but overall conventional building would still be more costly.

Post Frame Building Strength

Most people are surprised to learn that post frame construction produces a stronger building than you find with other building methods. Some of the reasons for this durability is:

  • Columns in the ground add to the building’s stability and wind resistance.
  • Horizontally connected posts form a tremendously strong box that adds to wind and seismic resistance.
  • The direct attachment of trusses to the post frame makes it virtually impossible for the roof to detach from the building.
  • The diaphragm effect created by the post-frame structures allows them to flex under stress instead of cracking, crumbling or collapsing like many other structures.

Energy Efficiency of Post Frame Construction

Today’s modern post frame buildings (pole barns) are more airtight, and energy-efficient buildings than ever before. They will accommodate a wide and blanket of unbroken insulation. The wood columns themselves provide R-value and have very low heat conductivity. A cool metal roof has a high solar reflectance and high thermal emittance. This emittance of a material refers to its ability to release absorbed heat.

While steel frame building do suffer from thermal bridging of the steel columns, conducting valuable heat out of the building at a rate 310 times faster than wood. That is why addition, insulation is sandwiched between the outside steel and the framing members, thus compromising its R-value which translates to more savings than you might find with traditional building construction methods.

Post frame building have a very classic look but advances in materials has now made these building take on a very sophisticated look and great visual appeal. They are affordable, last longer and save you money with great energy efficiency. If you are considering to build, you owe it to yourself to get the facts on post frame construction and see if it may be right for your building project.

27 07, 2015

Snow Load Design for Central New York Pole Barns

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Upstate New York pole barns and post frame buildings need to withstand heavy winter weather conditions and stress. Proper post frame building design must account for exceptionally heavy snow accumulation, ice and snow load during the harsh winter months we encounter in the upstate New York area. This past winter was particularly difficult when it came to collapsed pole barns and other post frame buildings across upstate New York due to excessive snow load.

What Is Snow Load?

The term “snow load” is generally defined as one cubic foot of snow weighing approximately 10 pounds. Ice can weigh much more. This is compounded when typical lake effect snow, which is generally light and fluffy, partially melts from exposure to the sun and then re-freezes. More snow. More accumulation. More melting and re-freezing. Last winter was a particularly harsh example of this process, causing many roofs to collapse. Snow and ice load is one of the primary threats to any structure in the Upstate New York region.

Snow Load and Agricultural Pole Barns

Agricultural pole barns and post-frame buildings are some of the vulnerable buildings that are subject to collapse. Secor Building Solutions specifically designs and engineers metal buildings and post frame buildings specifically to withstand harsh Upstate New York winters with ice and snow load which can become far beyond the ordinary.

Central New York agricultural and commercial building design and engineering clearly is not a one-size-fits-all formula. Each project has it’s own unique requirements both from a usage standpoint as well as a weather standpoint. Snow accumulation varies widely across the region since we are most susceptible to lake effect snows off Lake Ontario. While one area may have normal snowfall accumulations, another may experience many times that amount.

The design of Upstate New York pole barns and post frame buildings must support and bear the appropriate levels of weight and stress. Factor in strong winds and the situation quickly becomes serious, particularly with hundreds of thousands of dollars of equipment and livestock at stake. Area builders and building owners need to fully understand the roof, truss, snow, ice and wind load requirements for their proposed building.

Load Factor Considerations for Pole Barn Construction

Broadly speaking, the following load types need to be factored into the design of any pole barn or post frame building:

  1. The load and stress levels imposed by normal use and live occupancy.
  2. Objects actually on the roof (e.g. HVAC, lift equipment, and other collateral loads).
  3. Gravity load from the structure itself.
  4. Environmental loads, including ice, snow load and wind load.

The last of these factors can be the more difficult to determine. While all these design factors are subject to budgetary constraints, in our area, given our types of winters, clearly durability and longevity of any building that must withstand such conditions needs to be seriously factored into the design and selection of construction materials.

Ice and Snow Load Capacities for Upstate New York Buildings

Post frame building and pole barns in the Rochester and Syracuse, New York area must be able to stand up to the area’s environmental extremes. Depending upon the type of building, snow load capacities vary. Local building codes may establish standards for ice and snow load in commercial buildings, but property owners need to keep in mind that building codes establish a bare MINIMUM standard for the structure to pass inspection. This may or may not be appropriate for a specific project.

As many area property owners and contractors know, Secor engineers have decades of experience designing pole barns and post frame buildings across the Upstate New York region. They take into account the type of building, the end use of the building, expected snow load, the specific location of the building and environmental considerations of the building location. They also consider customer preferences in roof lines, the size of the building, joist and support requirements, clear span requirements, cupolas, dormers, whether or not the building is heated, and other load bearing factors.

6 05, 2015

Post-frame Building Solutions: Strong, Flexible, Affordable.

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Benefits of Post-Frame Building Solutions are Strong, Flexible and Affordable.

Post-Frame buildings (Pole Barns) are an amazing, cost effective way to build a quality commercial, agricultural, or even residential building.

Here are three reasons for you to consider a post frame building for your next building project.

post frame building interior. Rochester NYFlexibility

Rochester & Syracuse Pole Barn builders have long recognized the extraordinary flexibility of post frame building design for commercial, agricultural and residential property owners alike.

Post Frame Construction is cost-effective and easy to add elements like overhead doors, overhangs, a reinforced snow-bearing roof (something much desired in the Rochester and Finger Lakes upstate New York region, a Porch, anything you can imagine.

Modern pole barn construction design does not require interior load-bearing walls for support so you can design the interior of the building to suit your specific needs.  inside however you want. Another post-frame building advantage is that supporting columns can be placed in such a way as to make it easy to add additional doors and windows as your needs change.  Post-Frame building solutions also offer a variety of exterior options beyond traditional metal covering, including brick, wood, vinyl, block and more.


Post-frame buildings are in many ways stronger than buildings produced using other construction methods:

  • Post-frame building are more stable and wind-resistant.
  • A post-frame building has the ability to flex and bend under stress rather than crack, crumble, or collapse like other structures would.
  • The nature of the horizontal connectors in a post-frame building create a strong box shape than traditional structures, giving it the ability to withstand years of stress.


Post-frame building construction in the Rochester and Syracuse areas is fast and efficient.  As a result, there is significantly lower labor costs. Post-frame building materials, typically wood, are much less expensive than steel or concrete block. Adding steel siding or metal roofing further lowers your construction costs and long term cost of ownership.

It’s no wonder that Post-frame construction is such a popular building choice in the Rochester, New York and Finger Lakes area. And we’ve only just touched on the benefits of post-frame buildings. The bottom line is that if you need a new building: commercial, agricultural, maybe a detached residential garage, you just can’t do better than consider post-frame buildings as a solution to your needs.

Questions?  We would love to talk with you about your project needs and requirements and answer any questions you may have, fully and completely.  Contact your Secor post frame and pole barn construction and design specialist today.